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Owner Background

"Vega B." Aka 'Benji'

"Digital Marketing Expert Entrepreneur"

   Hello, My name is Brennen

   I go by 'Benji', Because I always keep it 100% . . . Honesty is the best policy any person could have. As I've come to learn, Its important to keep your eyes low and your hands clean. Its important to make noise, however there is a time and a place for everything. . . being silent is a key. . . Having patients is a virtue . . . Some quotes  my father believed in,

"Tuff Times Don't Last, Tuff People Do!!!" 

"It's All Mind Over Matter, If You Don't Mind, Then It Don't Matter!!!" "All This Sh*t, Is Just small Sh*t To A Giant!!!"

   In life you must learn to MAKE NOISE, without EVER Making A Sound...

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Essence Evolved LLC

September 2022 - Present

Essence Evolved started as an idea on paper . . . With the idea of "Essence Evolved" We are a group of Wise & Like Minded individuals who love to promote Positivity and Peace as a whole. "Essence" Is like a base level foundation Aka Thee "Core" So to speak. "Evolved" Is basically the final form, Aka Thee "Dragon" . . . 

With that, "Essence Evolved" Means You are a Dragon at your core..

We all have what it takes to promote positivity, Lets all use our powers for positivity, rather than clouding our powerful minds with malicious intent Lets all work together to improve Life as a whole . . .

Monthly Merch Drops & Random Giveaways. . . 

Networking Opportunities . . .

Social Media Marketing . . . 

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